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Most of my posts will appear under this category “Doll Collecting”. As most doll lovers know, the term “collecting” encompasses so many activities and interests…
… researching dolls for their backgrounds (who made them & where were they made)
…evaluating dolls for quality (good joints? eyes? hair?)
…designing and creating doll clothes and accessories
…sharing info about your dolls on line or at conferences/club meetings
…making and restoring dolls
…AND of course adding dolls to our collection.

Some of my Cloth Dolls

Thought you might be interested in some of the cloth dolls I have made over the years.  I am trying various soft sculpt techniques, including the Waldorf method.  What is so great about cloth or rag dolls is how much variation you can achieve!

This rag doll was made using the Waldorf soft sculpture technique.  I like to paint my faces using acrylics and colored pencils.

This lady doll was also made using the Waldorf soft sculpture technique.  An “adult” figure was achieved by customizing the facial features, i.e. smaller eyes further down on the head,  and using a slimmer shaped body

These soft sculpted dolls have “flat” faces.  Facial features are accentuated with shadows.

Doll on the left was made from the wonderful patterns and instructions by Barbara Willis in her book CLOTH DOLL ARTISTRY  2009

Doll on right has a body cut from an original pattern by

Mary  Tressler…wonderful body design.  Head, hat and dress are my own creations.  

I would love to see some of your creations!  Leave your email address in a comment and I’ll contact you for your photos.