A Doll Renaissance?

So much has happened in the doll world since I posted 3 YEARS AGO!

Sadly some of the major changes are not happy ones…long time doll museums closed, doll shops have gone out of business and many doll clubs disbanded…including the one I belonged to here in New York state. But some developments have come in to fill the void. The proliferation of web sites dedicated to the sale and exchange of information about dolls have sky rocketed. Look at the rising popularity of the contemporary BJD …the ball jointed doll. I have to smile when I read a blog or hear a doll lover extol the great technological advances of modern doll articulation!!

The development of the “ball joint” goes back to the mid 19th century. especially by European doll makers. The Schoenhut of PA doll is one of the premier examples of these early BJD’s. Perhaps the success of the new BJD’ s will spark renewed interest in dolls of all kinds and eras and will usher in a doll renaissance.”

In keeping with latest developments, I am going to “re-energize” this WordPress site.
Catskill Dolls.com will include a wide range of doll topics contained within four categories.

The Sale/Donation category will highlight dolls, book and accessories I am offering for sale and donation to doll lovers, groups and organizations which encourage and promote the exchange of information about dolls.

Each week I will post some nuggets of doll wisdom to help advance the “renaissance of dolls”.