Monthly Archives: October 2017

In August of this year I launched my doll history,  entitled  Through their Eyes – The American Doll’s View of History.

By weaving the story of the American doll with descriptions of historical events of the day, I try to show how various social, economic and cultural factors influenced the development the doll from its early beginnings in the American northeast to a thriving industry in the mid-twentieth century. It is fascinating to see how the doll, as plaything, grew in popularity and turned into such a cultural phenomenon.

Here is a quote from the Preface:

This not just a history of dolls. This is history as seen through the eyes of the doll, metaphorically speaking of course. Dolls cannot really see! But imagine if they could! What would they tell us they saw throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries in America?

This 135 page book is illustrated with color and black&white pictures and photographs and would be appropriate for young adults as well as adult readers.

For price and order details, please contact me via this website or email me at  Mention my site Catskill Dolls for a discount .front cover final